The attention to detail your work deserves

At Proof, Edit & Style we pride ourselves on offering our clients a thorough and efficient editing service. Whatever your editing needs, our experienced editors will guide you through how they can bring out the best in your work. 

We can give you confidence that your manuscript, thesis, book, business report, website or any other publication is well written, consistent and logically structured.

Thesis Editing

Proof, Edit & Style work with postgraduate students from several Australian tertiary educational institutions helping them ensure their thesis or publication article is free from spelling and grammatical errors, and conforms to academic style.

Commercial Editing

Proof, Edit & Style help professional writers develop and perfect their manuscripts, books, advertising materials, business publications, reports, magazine articles and periodical articles.

Your work remains your work
For many writers who use our service, it is important that their work remains authentically theirs.  Proof Edit & Style use text mark up software, including the Track Changes functionality in MS Word. It is then your choice which of our suggestions you accept or reject. 
See below for an example of how Track Changes look.

We offer a comprehensive service

 Proof, Edit & Style provide a comprehensive editing service. Our editors are committed to ensuring that your document conveys your intended meaning in a way that is clear, concise and easy-to-read. 

We check spelling, grammar, tense, punctuation, word choice, consistency of language used, expression and clarity of ideas. If we have any queries about your intended meaning, we’ll let you know via in-text comments.   

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What we do...

1. Check the expression and clarity of your document.
2. Check for consistency of language throughout the entire document.
3. Check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and compliance with relevant writing conventions.
4. Ensure your document meets the relevant style requirements, including referencing, formatting, and table and figure layouts.
5. Ensure that your ideas are expressed clearly and concisely.

Kind words from our valued clients...